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Last updated Mar 8th, 2022

Chat Offenses

This section covers all the rules you should be abiding by when using our chat features on Pickade. This does not just include public chat but any sort of private messaging such as Friends and Clubs chat. If you believe you have been falsely punished, please submit an appeal with our team on our support site.


Advertising in any form will not be tolerated on Pickade, such as sending the IP of Minecraft servers or posting Discord invites. This also includes sending links to any sort of marketplace such as Alt Shops.

DDos or Dox Comedy

Both DDoS and Doxing are illegal and for this reason, any sort of DDoS or Dox threat will result in your removal from the network. This also includes any sort of threat that may be made to be taken as a joke.

Death Threats

Pickade is designed to be a safe place for all ages and for all people. Any sort of death threat aimed towards a player is against our rules and will result in you being punished.

Inappropriate Chat Content

We want our chat to be clean and to be an enjoyable place to talk amongst other players. Any chat messages that would be deemed inappropriate for a child to view will not be tolerated and will result in your chat privileges being revoked. This includes any sexual or explicit talk.

Player or Staff Disrespect

Sending any chat message that would be considered to have malicious intent and mean to disrespect a player is not acceptable. Regardless of whether the message is meant as a joke with a friend or not, you will be punished. Similarly, our staff team work very hard to ensure that Pickade is the best possible server it can be. Harassing or disrespecting our staff team will also result in you being punished. This also includes any constant harassment towards a staff member in an attempt to belittle them or try and get them demoted.

Racism and Discrimination

No derogatory, racist or discriminatory remarks will be tolerated on Pickade. Any form or racism such as a racial slur or name for a specific group of people will result in you being punished. This also applies to any sort of discrimination such as rude comments towards a players sexuality.

Spam, Double Posting or Character Flood

Sending constant messages that are repetitive or similar to each other with the intent to spam the chat will result in you temporarily losing your chat privileges. This also applies to double posting and character flooding. Ensure that you are not sending messages twice or including excessive characters as this will get you punished also.

Spam Encouragement

Similarly to the above, encouraging other users to spam the chat will result in you being punished. Doing obviously fake giveaways such as advertising a 100x Ruby rank giveaway and creating spam in chat is an example of this. Please note that this does only apply if you have no intention of doing what you have said. If this is a legitimate giveaway back to the community, you will not be punished.

Suspicious Links

Refrain from posting any links in chat that could be deemed by our staff team as suspicious-looking. This includes redirecting links such as or links.

Vulgar Language

Our chat filter will block most vulgar language from the chat as we want our chat to be suitable for all ages. Avoiding our chat filter by using special characters within words that should be blocked will result in you being punished. Refrain from using any sort of language that would not be suitable for a child to see such as any curse words.

Unfair Advantages

This section covers all information on what is an unfair advantage and what can and cannot be used on Pickade. If you believe you have been falsely punished, please submit an appeal with our team on our support site.

Autoclicking or Double Clicking

Autoclicking is using a piece of software to allow users to click without having to click themselves which can allow players to have massively increased CPS (Clicks per Second) which can be a big problem in PvP game modes. Double-clicking is possible on a select few mouses and allows players to click twice as fast. If you are caught doing either of these, you will be temporarily removed from the network.

Exploitation and Bug Abuse

Using any sort of bug to benefit yourself, friends or other players whether it be a duplication exploit or any other issue that should obviously not be in the game is completely unacceptable and you will be removed from the network when caught. You should report any bugs or exploits to our team through a ticket if you ever become aware of one.

General Cheating

Using any sort of hacked client to give you advantages over other players is not allowed on Pickade. This includes X-Ray texture packs, hacked clients, mods that allow you to fly, pvp cheats such as kill aura and more. If you have any questions as to what is allowed and disallowed, please speak with a member of our staff team. Below is also a list of all the approved and blacklisted modifications so please check this list before using anything on Pickade.

Approved and Blacklisted Modifications

To ensure that everyone is aware of exactly what mods are allowed and disallowed when playing Pickade, we have compiled a list of both of these below. If something is not on this list that you think should be allowed or denied, or you are unsure as to whether you can use it or not, please contact us through a ticket.

Approved Modifications

• Armor Status HUD, Potion Status HUD, Direction HUD, Coordinates and FPS HUD or Keystrokes HUD
• Optifine and Shaders
• Damage Indicators
• Waypoints, Reis Minimap or any minimap mod with players disabled
• 5zig
• Better Spring or any mod that binds sprinting and sneaking to a key
• TooManyItems or NotEnoughItems
• Any form of brightness mod
• TabbyChat
• GUI clients such as Badlion Client

Blacklisted Modifications

• Hacked or Ghost Clients
• Autoclicker
• Timer
• Any mod that provides cheating functionality such as tracers
• X-Ray mods or resource packs
• Inventory Tweaks
• BetterPvP or Tape Mouse
• OQ Minebot or any other console client variant

Network Rules

This section contains all the rules that you need to abide by when playing on Pickade to ensure everyone has a great playing experience. If you believe you have been falsely punished, please submit an appeal with our team on our support site.

Ban or Mute Evasion

To ensure that users do not evade their punishments, Ban and Mute evading is against our rules. If you are banned, you should not login to Pickade on an alternate account. You should also not speak on an alternate account if you are muted. Doing either of these will result in a longer punishment for you.

Cross Teaming

Cross teaming is not allowed anywhere across the network. This means that you cannot team up with other players, whether it be in a teams game or a solo game as this is unfair and ruins the game experience for others.

Inappropriate Builds

Within our Build Battle game mode, we do not expect to see inappropriate builds of any form. This also includes builds being built that are not related to the subject of the game.

Inappropriate Skins or Names

Being a network for all ages, we expect players usernames and skins to be appropriate for all ages. It is down to our staff team to decide if they believe your skin or username is inappropriate. If we believe it to be inappropriate, you will be warned to change it and failing to do so will mean your account will be removed from the network.

Report or Help OP Abuse

We have tools in place to allow you to report players or request help from our staff team on the server, instantly. We expected these tools to be respected and used correctly. Do not submit false reports or false help requests as our staff team are very busy helping others. Only use these if you have real issues or actual players to report.

Sales of Accounts and IRL Trading

Pickade will not be used as a platform to trade or sell accounts. This includes capes. Whether you be discussing the sale in a private message with a friend, or advertising it in public chat, you will be punished. The same applies to IRL trading which is when users sell in-game items for real-life currency.


Any form of scamming at all, whether it be a player saying they will invite you to their Club if you buy them a rank on the store will be punished or someone obviously trying to steal players IRL money. We want Pickade to be a safe environment and any user set out to scam players will be banned.

Staff Impersonation

Any form of staff impersonation will not be tolerated. This includes setting nicknames to be similar to those of staff members or pretending that you're going to punish someone for something, regardless of whether it is a joke or not.

Wasting Staff Time

Our staff team work very hard, around the clock, to ensure that players can have the best possible experience on Pickade. Please refrain from wasting their time and only involve them if there is an issue or help is needed.

Discord Rules

Our Discord is used as a central place for our community to be together, read the latest news and gave a fun time! All of the rules above apply to our Discord server, just the same as they do in-game. You are expected to follow these while using our Discord and you will be punished if you do not. Below is a list of rules that apply exclusively to Discord. If you believe you have been falsely punished, please submit an appeal with our team on our support site.

Tagging Staff

Our staff team are also busy moderating our Discord server to ensure it is a safe place for all. For this reason, we ask that you refrain from tagging them so they do not receive unnecessary notifications. Regardless of the issue or what is occurring, please stick to this rule.